Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hollyn just shy of 11 months

Hollyn has really been practicing her walking.  The video shows my attempts from 2 weeks ago - she was still very much falling with style.  Instead of working on her balance, she tried to just get as far as she could as fast as she could.  Asher would find this hilarious and was often heard laughing from the sidelines.  Besides Mom and Dad trying to help her, both of her brothers got in on the action and would work with her.  Consequently, Hollyn seemed to find it all jolly-good fun, but wasn't really improving.  She thought it was just a game we played with her and she was having a blast.  In the last few days or so she would let go of furniture and get a couple of steps in, but mainly only if the destination was within two steps' distance.

But then today she seemed to leap ahead.  While hanging out in the living room doing her own thing, I noticed she let go of the couch and started walking across the living room (she only got a few steps in), just going nonchalantly as if she always got around that way.  Then as I was making dinner I saw her get herself up (one of the first times ever) and walked like 10 steps!  Very cool.  She never did quite that well again, but she kept on trying the entire time I was cooking.

At least in addition to getting into cupboards and trying to climb into the dishwasher. :-)

Yes, Hollyn has learned the magic of opening cupboard doors.  For example, on Sunday I managed to locate both of her church shoes and laid them out where I would find them.  Unfortunately she could reach them and I spent the last 20 minutes before leaving trying to find one of the shoes.  At the last second - with everyone in the car - I looked inside of our pots 'n' pans cupboard and found her shoe inside a pot.  Little nut!

Hollyn has continued with this very vocal thing.  She has started yelling and squaking.  A lot.  Thankfully we're home most of the time, but it's making church and errands really interesting.  But we sure love this girl.  Brian and I can not imagine not having her in our lives, making us laugh and smile and overwhelming our hearts with joy.  She is such a blessing!

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