Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Opening up, Part II

Thank you to all that called and/or responded to my previous post.  The initial period of panic and grief has subsided and things are back to normal... with an added mindfulness of needing to be more proactive in our parenting.

Since those couple of bad days a week or so ago, things have been much better at school.  Brennan has been incentivized to be more conscientious of his actions and he's been coming home quite happy and pleased with himself for not needing any reminders at school.  When asked how recess was he's answered several times that he "played with his friends" and had fun.

In the end, I'd say the problems are still there - the impulsivity, immaturity and lack of focus will continue to be challenges for him, and there are some kids who will just not appreciate Brennan in general.  But he does find friends to play with and he's not completely rejected by his peers so it's not as bad as it seemed or could be.

For now I'm considering the different options - whether to wait for the assessment from the pediatric therapy professionals or seek an assessment from the school district.  When one of those takes place I can then see what the next step is and try to go from there.

Because my initial research and thoughts amount to such a large and distinctive topic, I think I will start a new blog where I can share things related to it without clogging up the "family" blog.  There, I just started one at  And in the process, I just found some other blogs with helpful tips and info I can hopefully mooch. :-)

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