Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Some Thoughts on Learning

I would put this on my "musings" blog, but I think this video is REALLY worth watching, and only, like, 2 people look at that other blog ;-)

The video really struck a chord with me as a parent with children entering the school system. A couple years ago I did a research project in support of separate-gender classrooms. In that research I learned SO much about the differences in how boys and girls tend to learn. As a parent of boys, it's hard to swallow the sad fact that our school system tends to work much better for girls than boys, which is why boys are so much more likely to fall behind, demonstrate supposed ADHD, lose interest in learning, and drop out of school. Anyway, the movie isn't about gender issues, but to me it's all related. We've GOT to really think about the American school system and if it's meeting our needs individually and as a society.

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