Tuesday, December 7, 2010

And the Ugly Tree Award goes to…

The Stevensons!



As usual, I had rather high hopes for my tree this year. It started off on our traditional search for lights of a certain color. Several stores later, no avail, so I had to stick with what I had including white cords and several different ones being hooked together. Once I got the lights up, Brennan and Asher excitedly attacked the tree with ornaments and I didn’t have the heart to stop them. Brennan stood on the stool and placed all his ornaments in one spot, while Asher stood below doing the same. In the end, the tree had one vertical stripe of ornaments and a bead/chain thrown up half-hazardly in another spot. I intended to “fix” it after they went to bed, but was too tired. It’s been almost a week and I’ve just left it. In the mean time, Brennan broke 2 bottom limbs, disrupting the lights among other things. I’ve always let the kids hang up soft crocheted ornaments on the bottom even though they don’t match. They like to remove them just as often so it never really made the tree look all the worse, but this year the clashing colors seem more obvious with all the other disasters going on. (Incidently, the tree looks even worse in person. Being a super cheap artificial tree, it’s not actually as “full” as it looks in the pictures, and it’s a pretty gross color green.)

In the end, I’ve decided to just leave it alone. After Christmas I’ll get us another (and better) tree on clearance, and hopefully the lights I want online. In the mean time, I have no plans for company and we’ll be out of town over the Christmas weekend anyway, so I’m going to let this just be The Year of the Ugly Christmas Tree (which the kids love just as much;-)



Ryan & Janna said...

You guys are way ahead of us. We have borrowed a very small tree in the past and this year have no plans to get a tree put up with both Ryan and I taking classes. The kids have yet to ask when we are putting one up and the adults in the house aren't going to suggest the idea so....good for you, you have a tree and your kids love it!

Kelly said...

I love it!

Very festive. It's going to make a great object lesson in the future...something about how Heavenly Father loves us all - even the disturbingly ugly ones. Or how even when you're totally crippled and maimed you can still bring joy to someone, somewhere. Something like that. I'll let you work out the details and make it less offensive!