Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Renting a place in a student-family-centered neighborhood does have its advantages. For example, our neighborhood is about 40% LDS (used to be more, but S. Korean's are also great networkers and make up another 45% I bet). Most houses have young children, and for some reason about 75% are boys (must be the water). In the end, Brennan is surrounded by boys in his age group.

His very best friend, Wyatt, lives just across the street and comes over about every-other-day, with Brennan going to his house on the other days. Yesterday while Wyatt was here, they started looking at Brennan's new Star Wars magazine that he picked out with his birthday money. They were so cute! Once they saw the camera though, they just had to strike a bunch of poses.

Asher is also a huge Wyatt fan. ALL day, EVERY day, Asher begs "Wyatt's house?!?" as he starts getting on his shoes and waiting for me to open the door. Of course, I don't feel comfortable sending Asher over uninvited the way the older boys do, since Asher is still so young. Brennan's at preschool right now, and Wyatt came over to play with Asher(which is MAKING his day) and I realized that Asher is calling him "Wyatt's house." Like, the whole thing is his name. He makes me laugh!

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