Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy (Belated) Birthday Brennan

I think I never posted about Brennan’s birthday, which occurred a month ago today. He turned a whopping 5 years old!!!

Brennan, you are such a joy to have for a son. You are a sensitive child, which means you can be incredibly fearful of new situations, or things you don’t understand (you can still cry at the drop of a hat – literally)… but it also means you are sensitive to the feelings of others and you know how to behave like a good friend. You have always been easy to take shopping, out to restaurants, and other public places because you know how to behave appropriately.

I have never seen a child with so much ENERGY as you have. You are constantly running, wiggling, and making noise. You love to make up your own words and use them in conversations and lyrics. One of your favorites is “Dootsy-diaper” and calling people “_______-head” such as “tree-head” and “shirt-head” and such. You think such things are quite funny and clever I guess. You love sillyness.

You are a STAR WARS groupie already. Currently, everything you play involves Darth Vador or Jedi and you hum the Imperial March all day long. One of your current favorite activities is to play Legos Star Wars on the computer, and you taught me how to play-which buttons do what. Dad is very pleased with this new interest in your life.

You start kindergarten this fall, and in preparation you are learning how to read now, which you find very exciting. You’re also working on counting all the way to 100. In the mean time, you think 100 is the biggest number there is, so you use it to say things like, “Mom, I love you 100” and “This food is 100 good” and such.

You are such a loving child. You love giving me hugs and kisses, and you’re always quick to express your love for me and Dad. We are so happy that Heavenly Father sent you to us! We love you ONE HUNDRED!!!!IMG_2465 IMG_2470 (Brennan’s ‘thinking’ face – really, it’s what he does)IMG_2467 So Silly!

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