Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ever Have One of Those Days?

This is not my picture, but it may as well be. Last night I made a delicious salmon for dinner, but while getting it out of the oven, a splatter hit my hand. That small spot of burning made me drop the pan, which slid off the rack onto the oven door, then off the door and upside-down onto the floor. I stood there with my mouth hanging open in horror while this all happened in slow-motion, yet too fast to stop. I listened to the fish sizzling on the floor as I waited to see if Brian would come rushing down the stairs to my rescue (he did not) and held in the tears as I scooped up the hot food, and threw it in the garbage. I hate dropping/spilling food on the floor. It makes me cry pretty much any time, even if was just an easily replaced item like salad dressing. Something about a mess that splatters is too much for me to bare.

In this case, although I did not cry, I had to come up with a new dinner with about 2 minutes to do it in, as we had places to be after dinner. *Sigh* Sometimes life just gives you 'one of those days.'

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Bonnie-Jean said...

Once my husband tried to heat up some water for hot chocolate, and turned on the wrong burner which happened to have a pyrex pan on sweet potato casserole on it and it exploded all over the kitchen! Thankfully the scalding sugar and glass fragments only scarred the floor and not any person, but that one left me sad for a while. I'm sorry your lovely Salmon was ruined, I"d have cried too.