Monday, April 12, 2010

We Did It!

This is me as I neared the finish line (in white shirt in the background)_MG_1338 See that smile?_MG_1341 This is me 2 seconds later about to throw up_MG_1342 This is me trying to fake a smile as I convince myself that I don’t need to throw up._MG_1343 _MG_1344 This is me just before I was handed my “Pear Blossom” courtesy towel, which I immediately threw up into. Yeah, I’m awesome like that._MG_1345

Somehow, despite that embarrassing finish (which no one even noticed), I had a great time! Us 5 sisters plus Brian decided back in January to run a 5K at the Pear Blossom festival in Medford (S. Oregon). Some us us sisters trained better than others. Brian and I fell into the “others” category, unfortunately. We just really fell off the wagon in mid-late February when all of us Stevensons took turns being sick continuously through last weekend. Still, we were committed to try.

We found Mom – the kid watcher, and my nieces and nephews on the side-line just seconds before the race started, so we were literally in the VERY back to start off. From the get-go, Brian zoomed off ahead of me, and I got ahead of Shannon (whose preggo and had to take it easier.) My other 3 sisters were up ahead-having arrived in a timely fashion- but they all split up at some point too.

I felt pretty good as I jogged and walked off and on the whole time. I was really proud of myself for jogging at LEAST as often as, if not more than, I walked. I was definitely motivated to try to catch up with Brian, plus there was a big turn around where the runners passed each other, and I didn’t want to be caught walking when I passed any of my family. I definitely did well for me.

That being said, the adrenaline wore off and my body is QUITE angry at me. Yesterday, being the day after the race, I was sore everywhere. Brian said that he hasn’t been this sore since after his seizure back in 1999, and in my case, not since after I gave birth to Brennan. In many ways, this sore was worse though because it wasn’t in a few isolated areas. I pulled or strained a muscle in my back thru my chest that made it impossible to breath all the way. Last night I almost begged Brian to take me to the ER because I felt like I was suffocating, unable to breathe all the way. The rest of my body hurt just a much… it was BAD.

Today, I think I am less sore, but it’s been hidden behind flu symptoms, including fever, body chills/overly hot, and of course, body aches. Are you KIDDING me? I really think it’s a result of the stress I put myself through, emotionally and physically, with this race.

Despite it all, Brian and I have plans to do another 5k this fall in Corvallis. We’ll definitely be training better though.

_MG_1335 _MG_1336 _MG_1359 _MG_1361

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Kirsten and Trevor said...

If you need any tips with training let me know! I was in cross country and I'll be glad to help! Way to go to finish, it always feels good to finish that kind of a race!