Thursday, March 25, 2010

Talk to Me, My Brother

I know I talk about Asher's speech often, but it's so stinkin' cute it stays on my mind. Lately Asher has had a lot to say to and about Brennan. He calls him Mennan and all day long it's

"Where'd Mennan go?"
"Mennan hit!"
"Mennan take!"
"No Mennan!"

O.k., so those are mostly negative examples, but he really talks to Brennan all day long. Brennan has figured out that this pronunciation is his name on his own and will answer/respond. So most of the time conversations go like this one during dinner:

Asher: "Mennan. Mennan. Mennan..."
Brennan: "What Asher?"
Asher: "Ah ga-bah denuuma..." (a long sequence in Asherese)
Brennan: "I don't know what you're saying, Asher."
Mom: He's saying that you should try your dinner because it's really yummy.
Brennan accepts that, and proceeds to finally eat.

Today was beautiful outside, so naturally we had to go out for a while. Brennan immediately joined the large group of 3-4 year olds playing in the yard across the street. Asher stayed with me on our side, but could clearly see his big brother across the way. Asher seriously spent his time just calling out to Brennan, ("Meeeennaaaan... Meeennaaan... Meeennaaan...") and turning to me every time Brennan went out of sight to ask, "Where's Mennan, Mom?" Silly ol' boy.

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