Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tricky Leprechauns!

IMG_2385IMG_2387 The day has just gotten started, but we’ve been enjoying St. Patrick’s Day a lot already. Last night, the Leprechauns apparently stopped by and turned our furniture upside down, pictures sideways, and lamps topsy-turvy. They also left behind some footprints and dropped some of their coins.IMG_2389

When I walked into the kitchen this morning, I joked “Oh no, "look what the Leprechauns did in here! I did the dishes last night, but they must have made some food and messed everything all up!”

IMG_2388When we walked downstairs Asher starting crying “Ooohhh nooooo” as he noticed everything. It was so cute.

Taking Brennan to preschool, he was met at our car by one of the high school students to walk him in. As we opened the door he started telling her, “they made some food and left our kitchen so messy, the Leprechauns did!” O.k. That was apparently the most memorably disruptive thing they did. Tricky Leprechauns!



Bonnie-Jean said...

Too Cute... I might have to see if Leprechauns choose to visit me next year. :)

Kelly said...

Tricksy, tricksy, those leprechauns are.

Logan woke us up this morning saying, "did you remember to wear green?" Considering we were still in bed, the answer was no.