Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloweeeeeeennnnn…

Now that I’m not in school any more, it was time to put the effort into Halloween that I’ve always wanted to.  For the first time since I was pregnant with Brennan, we carved pumpkins!  I gave Asher a small one and a sharpie with which to color it, but quickly realized that was asking for problems.  He did color it a little though, as you might be able to see from the pictures.  (His is the far left pumpkin).  Brennan quite enjoyed helping scoop out the guts.  He sort of drew a face (or rather, just colored the pumpkin) and said he wanted a jack-o-lantern face.  Although I did the cutting, Brennan is quite proud of is pumpkin.  Mine is the sunshine, and Brian’s is the fancy-schmancy Darth Vador.


Yesterday was a busy day.  In the morning when Brennan asked what we were going to do that day, I started rattling all sorts of stuff off, then I stopped.  I knew he’d keep asking me all day as he tried to remember, so I got a step ahead of him.  I drew out our plans as little pictures on a piece of paper.  Brennan absolutely loved it.  Every half hour he would grab the paper and explain to Brian or I, pointing at the corresponding pictures, “First Asher will have a nap time, then we will go trick-or-treating at the stores [i.e. Downtown Corvallis], then we will visit Jodie, then we will come home and have a snack, then we will go to the birthday party, and then we’ll come home and go to bed!”  Asher ended up napping until 5:00 (the time the birthday party started), but I managed to get those 3 main activities accomplished.  They put their costumes on and we spent about 20 minutes downtown just hitting the stores on either side of one block, then we did a quick stop to visit Jodi and give her some Halloween decor Brennan made, and got the birthday party with plenty of time before the piñata and all.  The kids had a GREAT time yesterday.

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Kelly said...

Heather, those are CUTE costumes!

You know, picture schedules are often used for kids with autism, but they work great for any kid. Because you're right - they just like to have some sort of idea what to expect and yet they can't remember everything that we've got stored in our brains.

It sounds as though you all had a great day.