Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chuggin' Along

We're all doing great, just chugging along. Brian's still in school. We're still poor, but still blissfully happy and greatly in love. That's all we need, right?

It's beginning to occur to us that Brian's expected graduation in less than 4 months away. Yaaaay! Unfortunately, it's also beginning to occur to us that Brian will need additional training before he's ready to really enter the work force in his chosen occupation. His degree in information technology is simply not offering the level of experience in specific areas that he really needs. So, (and I don't know if this will start before February), Brian will continue his education through certificate degrees in specific things like FLASH. Of course, when your field of study is technology, there's bound to be continual certification for the duration of his carreer. Anyway, we're hoping start wrapping things up and getting him ready to be completely qualified and confident to start a *real* job.

Kids are good. Really good. Brennan is a busy and silly little boy as always. He is such a thinker. You can't reason with him anymore... or rather, he'll out-reason you. He's definitely in the "why" phase, and it blows my mind the extent he can follow a discussion as you attempt to answer all of his questions. When you try to simplify your explanations, he seems to call you on it, and things get totally complicated. The other day he was asking me what energy is and trying to make sense of my blustering answers. "Is energy breathing?" (As in, equal to) "Well, we use energy when we breath" "We use it?" Etc. Also, one of my favorite Brennanisms occurred about a month ago. On the way home from church I was telling Brian that I wanted to visit Jodi after lunch, a lady on my visiting teaching route who resides in a nursing home. Brennan piped up from the backseat that we wanted to visit Jodi as well. I politely declined for whatever reseasons. Brennan responded, "But Mom, I just really want you to share your life with me." Brian and I laughed the rest of the way home. Where did he hear such a phrase? We have no idea.

Asher is also doing well. The highlight of his life it taking Brennan to and picking him up from preschool 3 times a week. Asher knows exactly what building and room to go to with the abundance of toys. Man, this kid is growing up so fast. He LOVES LOVES LOVES balls. When we're at a playground, he ignores everything to try to jump in to a basketball or soccer game... well, he'll try to steal the ball at least. He's darn good at catching too. Has been for quite a while. Definitely our little athlete, though who knows where that trait came from. I'm sure it starting with the couch jumping. Asher still babbles all the time, and says very little of actual words. We're hearing him say more and more, like last night he was identifying boats shown on the TV. He can say it perfectly. Interesting that he knows "boat" and not words like "milk" or "more." I think a lot of it has to do with my not picking things out. Like with Brennan, all words were "da" or "dada" for a long time, until he started obviously improving on pronunciation. With Asher, I susbect he says "milk" in his own pronunciation, but it's mixed in to a full sentence of babble and I'm not activitly looking for identifiable words. Anway, it's just a thought.

There is a movie made by Leapfrog called "Letter Factory." We borrowed it from a friend when I was telling her how Brennan has never been a big TV/movie watcher, much to my often dismay (when he was younger at least) when I wanted to get things done. This movie is all about the sounds the letters make and it proved to be as big a hit as she told me it would be. The movie uses the tune to "the farmer in the dell" to sing each letter's sound. Tonight as I was getting the kids ready for bed, Brennan requested it, so I started singing, "The A says ___" and right on cue Asher sang out "AH" I was surprised, so went on, "The A says _____" Again, Asher answered, "Ah." I finished, "Every letter makes a sound, the A says____" And again, on cue, Asher sang "Ah." I couldn't believe it. All this time I've been singing with Brennan, Asher's been listening. A few minutes later, as we started the song again, we did A, then B, then on. "The C says ___" and Asher responed *bhe* because that's what we had said the previous verse. I'm so pleased to discover he's soaking stuff in from observing me work on stuff with Brennan.

Anway, this was supposed to just be a quick check-in because originally I didn't have anything to write about. Geez. So, we're doing well and looking forward to all the upcoming events in our lives.


Kelly said...

We have a refrigerator magnet thing that plays the leapfrog song (the magnetic letters fit in and cue the section of song for that letter). It is a big hit with my kids and all visiting kids.

Don't you love four year olds? I think Hannah was my toughest four year old. My answers were never good enough.

The only video that Kenna will watch is Signing Times. She doesn't worry about the signs - she just focuses on watching the kids and listening to the songs.

I love reading general updates like this. Thanks for posting. Hooray for Brian's schooling that will soon be, mostly, completed! That's gotta feel nice!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Our Army Life said...

It's funny what kids will and won't say. For the longest time, the only thing AJ would say when you asked him to repeat a word was "Bah". You'd say something like milk and he'd say "Bah", bread "bah", please "bah"... he still uses it sometimes but he's getting better... Aren't kids the best!