Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yesterday was a beautiful day... not the first as of late, but for some reason it attracted the neighborhood. One of Brennan's friends came over and invited Brennan outside. It didn't take long for the band of boys to start chasing each other around the houses with their pretend guns and cool gadgets. I couldn't resist. I just had to snap a few shots of the neighborhood Sunbeam Boys.

Asher also enjoyed himself outside. He loves running after the big boys, but is as equally content to stay close and play with anybody hanging around. I started playing with some camera settings.

(Totally unaware of the approaching Sunbeam Brigade)

Asher is notorious for his serious facial expressions. I get so many comments about what a serious baby he is. It's just a front though. If others aren't around or he thinks they aren't looking, he's all smiles.

(A neighbor's popular recycling truck)

...See ;-)

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