Monday, March 2, 2009

O.K... last one for a while

Scene: Heather sitting at the table with the boys who are still eating their lunches. No one is talking at the moment, but Heather is humming a tune while accompanying herself with claps and leg-pats.

Suddenly Brennan exclaims shortly, "Heavenly Father!"

Heather jumped in surprise and looked at him curiously.

Brennan went on, serious but calmer, "Heavenly Father wants you to stop doing that. He doesn't like it."

Heather of course had no choice but to stop.


Kelly said...

I still laugh every time I read this. (Yes, I've read it more than once because I'm looking for new posts!!!)

Hope school is going busy girl, you!

Beckstead Family said...

That's Awesome! What a smart little boy!