Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Homework Schmomework

I REALLY should not be doing this while I am about a thousand hours behind on my homework. This term is my hardest by FAR for several reason, including that it's not meshing well with the boys' nap (or lack thereof in Brennan's case) schedules.

Anyway, just a check in. Things are going well for us. Asher's learning a bunch of words, except for Mama and Dada. Well, the latter he'll do on occasion when promted, but not the former =-(.
His words so far in order of appearence:
"Hot" (since I think about 10 months... he liked to touch the oven door when it was on).
"Uh-Oh" (I first heard him say this after he knocked his tray onto the floor. It's accompanied with a *look* that matches to boot. Melts my heart everytime.)
Possibly "up"
And the most recent, he's been saying something that sounds like "Thank You" (Geh-Goo) so we're rolling with that one.
Brian and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. He's doing a lot of babbeling too. Just thinking about it is turning my heart to mush. His sweet little voice, the way he tries to sound like he's carrying on a real "grown-up" conversation... but you get the point.

I was just looking for some recent pictures to add and I guess I really have been away from the blog for a while. There's a lot of pictures. I guess I'll split this up.
Having some fun at home
Dinosaur Hair


Kelly said...

Schmomework is a good thing....homework is not.

Good luck on your classes....You hard-working, over-studying, nose-wiping mama!

Sarah said...

Sorry it's been a hard semester, hopefully it will go quickly and you will get everything done that you need to! Sounds like Asher is growing up, so sad when the baby starts to disappear! Cute pics.