Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Brennanism

Brennan's questions for the past few months have been ones dealing with future events. He'll ask "what are we going to do after we go shopping?" or "and then where will we go?" and things like that. He'll go on and on this way having me give him the sequence of upcoming activities ("what will we do after we go inside?" What will we do after we put away the groceries? What will you make us for lunch?") until I don't know the answers myself.

Anyway, I'm digressing. So, he's full of these questions, but there's one in particular that has a sort of incriminating sound to it, and he's asked it loudly in public settings, with a voice that sounds full of concern:

"What are you gonna do to me?"

He has no idea that people could take that the wrong way. Although he sounds frightened, it's more a fear of the unknown, truly uncomfortable not knowing what to expect from his schedule. Still... gotta love how our children find ways to embarrass us.


Ryan & Janna said...

LOL, that is too funny. I'm sorry, I am just so glad I'm not the only Mom getting embarrassed by my kids. It's always comforting to know there are others in the same boat.
Andrew tells anyone with dark skin they have mud on their face. He's not afraid to talk to any one. Most people are don't take it personally.

Kelly said...

You might try a picture schedule (you've probably seen them at jenny's). They are great for autistic kids, but all kids benefit from them. Basically, pictures/drawings of the day's events that are velcroed on to a poster that can be removed as each step is accomplished. Brennan might feel more comfortable when he feels he can anticipate and have some control over what's going to happen that day.