Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Scriptures Come to Life

So, I'm sitting at the computer (obviously) right now, and Brennan is playing in the bath tub. I'm not really paying much attention to what he's playing... his characters are having all sorts of adventures. ("Ahh, help me"... "I'm coming, I'm coming"...) but he said something that caught my attention:

"And it came to pass..."

If he learns nothing else from our family scripture study, he's at least got that down.


Sarah said...

Kudos to you for family scripture study! I am sory to admit that Todd and I have just recently began family scripture study, oops! It's crazy how kids learn though, Anna reminds us everyday now that we have to read the scriptures.

Kelly said...

How cute!

Ang said...

That is so awesome! The things they pick up.