Friday, September 5, 2008

This kid is growing up like a human whirlwind! Now Asher can get himself into standing position. He usually uses a person sitting on the floor (I spend a lot of time on the floor playing with Brennan while Asher climbs all over me). I think he's used the couch to get up once. It lasted about a second before he toppled over, but still...

So, he's not cruising yet because he can't stay standing on his own, but at the rate he's teaching himself these tricks, I'm sure it's coming much sooner than I originally expected. Yikes!

Pictures of crawling/climbing to come soon, I hope. Although he can crawl all over, he spends much time just sitting - at least he does whevener I pull out the camera. Babies never perform when you actually want them to.

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Kelly said...

Kenna's not so good at pulling herself up, although she's done it a few times. The very first time was in the bath, of all the dangerous places to attempt it. Maybe if she could hang around Asher a little more she could learn a thing or two!