Saturday, September 20, 2008

Some recent stuff

We're all doing just hunky-dory. I'm back in school again after about a month break between terms. Just 3 more semesters including this one to go... YAY! (Or as Brennan would say, "Tip tip, uh-rraaaaay")

Brennan has been doing pretty good with the potty-training, plus we're about to run out of nice days before the fall/winter/spring rainy season. Soooo, I got Brennan his promised bike. It wasn't my first choice color/style-wise, but I went with the one on clearence. (Normally all the bikes run $80 and up, this one rang up at $35. A steal for sure, which is my favorite price, after free of course.) Anyway, he L-O-V-E-S it! From Wednesday thru Friday the kids and I stayed at a beachhouse with our friends, and although Brennan had a blast there, he mentioned several times that he wanted to go home to ride his new bike.

Asher turned 8 months old yesterday. He makes me and Brian laugh the way he's constantly on us. I had to get some pictures today when Brian was attempting to work on the church bulletin/program for tomorrow, but finding it difficult because Asher was trying to grab the mouse, among other things. Later, as I tried to make dinner, besides that when I'm standing in one spot Asher is using me to also stand, every time I bent down to get something from a cupboard Asher was immediately on me again, and I couldn't get back up myself without finding a way to help him gently down (all the while trying to juggle the item I'd bent down to get to begin with). It's cute to boot, though admittedly gets a little old when you're just trying to cook.

I'm attaching some video shot mostly today, plus one from a week or so ago. It includes Asher doing a little cruising & crawling. I came upon Brennan today encouraging Asher to climb up the stairs (uh, not a good idea Brennan. Asher did make it up two stairs at my parent's house already). Then, I couldn't help but try to record some of Brennan playing with his dollhouse. I wasn't recording at first, but much of the conversation his characters were having was so funny.


Ryan & Janna said...

Your boys are super cute!!! I love the bike, we are thinking of getting one for Andrew for his third birthday this week. Let me know if it is really a good idea. I love the family picture, you guys make a cute little family.

Kelly said...

Cute, cute, CUTE! Love the video (Kenna was captivated). I really loved Brennan's deep thoughts. "wub". That's cute.

Sarah said...

Your boys crack me up, well mostly Brennan but Asher is for sure the cutest kid ever! I think it is great that Brennan has a doll house, just what every kid needs!