Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Arrival

Brian and Heather are pleased to announce the arrival of their new baby. "Spin" arrived after some labor on Brian's part, weighing in at many lbs and measuring about yay high. Brennan is quite taken with this new addition to the family. He's geared up and ready to play.

But in all seriousness, we're pretty excited about this recent purchase from craigslist. I'm just not resigned to the idea of these extra lbs from each baby sticking to me forever. Ever notice that I don't usually post pictures of myself on here? Those extra lbs are the reason. Brennan loves to have his turn. Last night I exercised while he was up, so when I finished he took a turn for a few minutes, then joined me on the floor and mimicked my stretches. It was the cutest thing EVER!

And yes, he is wearing his backpack. (Much of the last several days in fact) and yes his pockets are inside out, his shirt's on backwards, and his clothes clash. When I get up in the mornings these days I'm finding him already dressed. Why not, I say... saves me the hassle.

Asher is standing pretty good now. The last two mornings he's been standing in his crib when I've gone to get him up. It's a pretty funny sight actually - I hear Brennan and get up, open their door, and see Brennan dressed in who knows what, sitting on his bed playing quietly with his toys, while Asher's standing in his crib just watching him. I have no idea how long this goes on before I actually wake up... but I'm certainly not complaining.

I always like to see Brennan "reading" books.

"Uh oh, caught me red-handed!" Asher is a scavenger, searching for anything he can possibly stick in his mouth. (I'm still searching his poop for the door stop cap he swallowed a few days ago - we've had to make sure all the others are stuck on or take them off ourselves.)

"I'll smile for the camera, Mom, but seriously, I'm stuck!"
We're all doing really well. Asher is getting super fast and I'm having to get used to him being constantly under my feet. My entire day is constant re-child proofing which means picking up every last little rock or dirt clump that's fallen off a shoe, scoping for Brennan's toys that aren't baby-friendly, finding all the food pieces that have dropped off the highchair or that Brennan's managed to leave in another room, and so forth. It was never this much work with Brennan, but it's certainly WAY more work now BECAUSE of Brennan. I don't even remember Brennan following me around like this. He was pretty content sticking to the living room. Then again, when he was a baby I didn't have as many reasons to wander around myself - I saved most housework for his naps. Either way, Asher is keeping pretty good pace with me, which means that I walk into a new room, quickly scope for any hazards on the floor while Asher catches up, and then I do what I've gone into the room to do while Asher climbs up my legs.
I love my life! My family is awesome!


Ryan & Janna said...

Cute pictures, your boys are adorable! I love the crawling stage, well I love the whole first year. No I love it all!

Sarah said...

I can't beleive how big your boys are getting! Sounds like your days are filled with fun!

Kelly said...

I love the photos! The boys are growing up so fast. Can't wait to see them again.