Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I'd like to apologize for the quality (or lack thereof) of the pictures. Our camera is rather a mess. The batteries are being held in by tape, which is about to be fired for it's not doing it's job very well. I think the poor camera's seen it's last few kodak moments. I wonder if the numerous times it's been dropped has been a factor?

I was so busy trying to keep my kids warm, dry, and happy that I didn't get a whole lot of pictures of our zoo trip. And by "not a whole lot" I mean 2. And neither one is that good. Brennan liked sitting on this barrell-sheep quite a bit.

Tonight we had a rather pretty sunset. The picture didn't capture the colors exactly. They leaned more towards baby pink and baby blue. The blue's not showing very well, but I thought the contrast between the two colors (in real life) is what made it especially pretty.

Dad time! Everybody find a leg. Hey wait a minute, where's Hez gonna sit?

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