Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Great and Terrible Day at the Zoo

Yesterday my mom's group (AMI Corvallis Chapter) planned a trip to the zoo for $2 tuesday. I decided to go ahead and just go for it. So, I went alone with Brennan and Asher (alone as in without Brian), and this involved almost 2 hours of driving each way besides the time at the zoo. It was pouring rain the entire time. It was crowded because, like for my group, the rain didn't stop those of us wanting to take advantage of the discounted price. When we arrived Brennan's fear of unfamiliar places kicked in and he spent some time crying that he wanted to go home. Hmmm. Kinda terrible. We were soaking wet and my hands were freezing cold.

The good news? Overall the trip was great. Asher did pretty good in the car both ways, and PERFECT at the zoo. He never fussed, and even slept for a while in the middle. He just sat all bundled under the cover of his carseat and smiled at me when I looked at him. Brennan did get over his initial fear and LOVED it there. He got in and out of his stroller (thankyou grandma Stevenson for the awesome double stroller with the older kid sit/stand platform) to see the animals up close. I only lost him once when followed some kids to another room where they were eating. He was trying to mooch. He totally ignored the fact that it was raining. He wanted to go back today. (Ha!)


Kelly said...

First of all, kudos to you for attempting a trip to the zoo with the kids.

Although I think you are crazy to do it in the rain.

But I'm glad it went well!

Beckstead Family said...

Amen to the rain!!! However, If I waited for John the kids and I would never go anywhere so I have learned to be very Zen-like on days like that.

Ang said...

Impressive! Good for you, and I'm glad it wasn't a totally hideous day. I feel like I bailed on you, but have to admit I'm glad I didn't try it - two kids and a sinus infection in the rain would have been far more than I was up for that day!

I've got it on the calendar for next month if you want to try again....