Wednesday, May 31, 2017

When I Grow Up I Wanna Be Like My Kids

This was originally written the day after Fast Sunday. I think I had more to write, but now I can't remember, so I'm posting as-is.

Yesterday Kieran announced in sacrament meeting, "I need to poop!" Yeah, he's that kid. So I took him out to the bathroom. While inside the restroom I could make out over the speaker that Brennan had gone up and born his testimony. He does that often so I was only a little sorry to be missing it.

As I walked back into the chapel with Kieran though, I saw Asher going up to the microphone. He bore a short but very sweet testimony himself - for the first time! As we all sat back down together Asher turned to me and told me, "Wow, it feels really good after you bear your testimony!" Awww. Brennan and Asher then proceeded to give each other 2 hugs and Brennan explained, "I told Asher if he bore his testimony I would give him 2 hugs." But Asher quickly added, "The real reason I did it though was for God."  What a sweet kid!

Brennan later mentioned fighting his inner struggle: he really felt pulled to go up and bear his testimony, but he also doesn't really want to, so he demonstrated how he holds on to the bench going "no, no, no" as if he's literally being pulled up and hanging on to the bench for dear life in resistance. He also tells me that he remembers my words about how the less often I bear my testimony in sacrament meeting, the harder it is for me to do it. He really wants to train himself to overcome his fear, so when he feels prompted to go up, he lets go of his fears and resistance. He is seriously the coolest!

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