Friday, April 14, 2017

And the plot thickens

Captains log: day 3 of crazy week

Happy birthday to Brennan! To celebrate, we decided to try out this indoor trampoline place in Salem. Although last night wasn't looking good for Kieran, he woke up this morning chipper and energetic and with an appetite. So, we went ahead as planned.

The place was pretty fun. Maybe not full-price fun, but going on a Thursday mid day when it was cheaper and not crowded was a great move. The kids bounced and played and bounced some more. Near the end of our time there I got a call. A police officer was informing me that he'd come by my house. Uh, yeah.

Remember on Tuesday when I went to work for TWO hours because Asher was home sick, and I'd had the camera on him so I was watching and talking to him? Well during my "absence" the school had called and Asher answered and informed them that I was at work. I almost called the school to clarify the situation but decided it wasn't really any of their business anyway. I did not forsee that the police would receive a tip about Asher being home alone "under age".

Yes, this is EXACTLY what I needed this week. The officer I think had very few details, in fact it seemed like he was under the impression Asher might be home alone right then, so he was just checking to make sure all was well I guess. When no one was home, my manager approached him to see if she could help with anything. He'd asked if she'd seen Asher that day and she said she'd seen Brennan and Hollyn, but not Asher. Curious neighborhood kids playing outside all chimed in that nobody had seen Asher for several days. Lol. Yes, he died in the two hours he was home alone and I buried the evidence. Oh man. Actually, some parents heard that an officer was there looking for Asher and they grew worried about him as a missing child. My manager had to put that rumor down quickly.

The officer also walked over and talked to my sitter, who actually had Kieran that day, so she knew I was not gone terribly long, and I'd even told her at the time about having Asher at home but with my camera on. I don't know is that's a detail she remembered or shared.

The difficult part is that I couldn't hear the officer with the noise of the trampoline place, but because I'm out of data, the call dropped when I stepped outside, out of the WiFi. So explaining things was not easy. He did mention a few times that he was not concerned about anything and just wanted to let me know about his visit. (Most of my info about his investigation was gotten from my manager). He said something about being OK with a 13 and 9 year old being home alone and I didn't correct him because our connection was so spotty, it would have basically been impossible. And the whole thing is so ridiculous.

After that fun call, we rushed home, changed into swimwear, and headed to swimming lessons. Because Brennan didn't have track on this non school day, he came along and swam laps. I admit, it was kind of cool to see him do that. He took a LOT of breaks, but there is something so grown up about a person swimming laps on their own, don't you think? He shared the lane with this older gentlemen, so he got the scoop on lane-sharing protocol, and they chatted a few times. I think he was getting some good advice.

From swimming, we swung by the store so I could make his requested dinner and get a cake. As I hurried to get the food ready on this already tiring day, I remembered that I'd intended to go to Brennan's school conferences straight from swimming because they literally share a parking lot! Now I had to drive all the way back over there to get to those. Sigh. In the middle school, all the teachers have stations in the cafeteria and you hit all the teachers you want in any order. It's MOSTLY waiting in long lines for every. single. teacher. though. Such a delight.

Headed back home for dessert and presents, then sent people to bed and took a bath.


And then the real fun began.

After my bath, I fell asleep on the couch while Brennan read our chapter book we're reading together. Later, I went up to bed, but within 10 minutes, I heard Brennan throwing up. Poor kid. I went to check on him, and it turns out he'd gotten vomit ALL over the bathroom. I know he wouldn't have on purpose so I tried to keep my irritation under control - this particular stomach bug seems to manifest in especially abrupt spells. So far all 3 who have gotten sick have been caught completely off guard and had a major mess result. So, at 1am I was cleaning the bathroom, and running laundry and all that. Brennan has continued to get up/use his bowl/cry out every 20 minutes or so.

Except the person who got up half an hour ago was Kieran throwing up again. I'm going to deal with his bed tomorrow. (Well, later today rather). Looks like I won't be going in to work.

Also... I won't go into the story on this blog, but I've had a very interesting surprise in my personal life tonight. Because obviously my life has been too boring lately. It needed a good shake up.

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