Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Many Sides of Kieran

Kieran is funny because he can be the sweetest, chillest little dude around (his nursery teachers adore him as the best behaved and calmest child there), but he can also be extremely grouchy to people. Like today at Costco when he was unhappy about something and this kind elderly couple tried to sympathize with him. So he yelled at them.

Here are three recent videos of Kieran.

1) Hanging around outside the studio (?) where Hollyn takes her karate class, Kieran said "Mom, listen, listen Mom" and proceeded to sing a song he made up about Asher. It's become a family favorite. I present, the Asher song, by Kieran Stevenson.

2) With school starting and taking Hollyn with it, Kieran is a bit jealous. He insists he needs a backpack (so he can ride the bus, of course), so I handed him Hollyn's old one. Now he wears it to take and pick up his siblings from the busstop.

3) Now this one's a personal favorite. The only way I could get him to stop crying, was when I handed him the phone to let him watch himself crying. He watched this video over, and over, and over. He thought it was delightfully funny.

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Kelly said...

Those are pretty funny. I love how proud he is of his song.

Reminds me of Faith - I think that age is so cute with their desire to be big like everyone else. But it's super challenging when they just can't do what they want! Faith hates when I won't go outside with her.