Monday, September 12, 2016

I still refuse to believe my Brenny is this old. I don't care what he brings home that says otherwise

First day of Kindergarten. Kind of. First day with half the class, tomorrow the other half attends, Wednesday she starts again for reals. Is it just me or does she look tiny?
 The perk of being your parents' favorite: Sunriver. (I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact we are the only ones who live nearby them. Or the fact we're too poor to afford much excitement on our own. Pretty sure it's a favorite-thing.)

There's been an Asher sighting!
I told him explicitly he was NOT allowed to keep his cup of water on his bed. I left the room with the cup pretty much empty and sitting on the floor. When I walked in to go to bed myself, every.single light/lamp in the room and adjoining bathroom was on, and the cup had more water in it, resting on his bed. What a little turkey. At least he's a cute one.

A highlight of the trip: As I'd gathered all the kids to go, a gentleman sitting nearby with his daughter and son-in-law thought I was the older sister of my kids. I wasn't sure if he was just being silly at first, fake flattering me. But he and his group, which included the inlaw parents as well, all couldn't believe I was old enough to have all these kids. When Hollyn informed them I'm 33 their jaws all dropped. I like those folks. :-)

Back to Sunriver... Kieran kind of liked riding in the spinning thing. But he really liked spinning it from the outside. All the other adults got a big kick out of the little guy giving all the other kids a ride. He actually turned really possessive about it, not letting anyone else take a turn.

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Kelly said...

so cute. Brennan looks really old in that close up of him! And you are not alone in thinking Hollyn is tiny. How does she stack up to the rest of the K's?