Saturday, May 7, 2016

This evening as I sat working on a primary lesson for tomorrow I heard a knock at the door - the neighbor's door. Followed about 2 seconds later by my own doorbell ringing. I immediately suspected we were both receiving an anonymous gift and sure enough, we walked out onto our porches to find lovely bouquets of flowers with "Happy Mother's Day" notes.

See, my neighbor is also a single Mom and fellow ward member. We're the only two (active anyway) single Moms that I can think of in our ward - purely coincidence that our houses adjoin. ;-)

I don't know who left the flowers, nor do I know who left a VERY generous movie gift-cards/treats gift last December. I'm guessing ward member(s), but probably not my visiting teacher (mainly since mine moved away a few days ago) since the neighbor got one too. Just someone thoughtful it seems.

I'm touched and so grateful. I admit that although I think about my friends and sisters I visit teach, I don't think I've ever thought much about single sisters specifically, and certainly not for a non major holiday like Mother's Day. Christmas, sure. I get that one - the season lends itself to looking for others to serve. But who thinks about sending some love to the single Moms in their ward on Mother's Day? I've never really thought past just the Mothers in my own life.

I'm seriously touched to the point of tears just knowing someone had the thought and made the effort. I wish I knew who to thank and I wish they knew how grateful I feel for their kindness.

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Kelly said...

<3 Love this <3