Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday in Denver:
Dev and I rode the train into downtown Denver. The station, Union Station, is a gorgeous building with a great lobby that involves shops and couches. Apparently Ben's been there once when a wedding reception was being held inside.

We wandered around the main drag, 16th st, which is fun. An event for this afternoon was being prepared for - a 5 stage rock concert thing with vendors and booths. "A Great Big World" is one of the performing bands.

We also stumbled across an art show. We checked out a few booths, and turns out they kept going, down an alley and into a courtyard area. So much fun to see the creativity and work of others.

A yummy lunch at a local burger & ice cream place, and window shopped some more. Shhh, don't tell the kids, but I picked up some souvenirs for them at Denver's "mini Porter's" ("The tattered book")

By then we were set for the ride home. (Plus a stop at BB&B... because cheese graters. ;-) )

Now, I'm hanging with James so Devon can cheer on her man representin' the air force at a burrito-eating contest. He's going up against previous world champs, record holders, and a professional lacrosse player. Yeah, he doesn't stand a chance, lol.

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Kelly said...

Ok - now I want to visit even more. Looks like a blast.