Saturday, March 5, 2016

Memory Lane in Lego Land

Brennan created this pretty cool stud-factory. (Studs are money, he explained earlier). After learning all about his intricate creation, I told him about how much less interesting my own Lego creations had been as a child. We didn't have mini figures or chains or moving pieces. I told him that I had a flate base which I used to make floorplans. I also explained how I made people to inhabit the houses with just a 2x1 brick stacked onto another 2x1 - like pants and a shirt - and we just imagined all the other features.

After that he left for a bit, then returned with this sweet gift. He made me house like what I used to design. He showed me that the person he made included a hat and eyes. I love it! I love that he can see random pieces and make them into hats for starters. But most of all, I felt so loved that he created something meaningful and nostalgic for me. How great is my boy?!?! I told him that this is another reason why he'll make a great husband some day - because he thinks about what's meaningful and interesting to other people, not just himself.

I immediately started preparing to write this post, when Asher emerged from HIS room with this creation of his own. His high security bank complete with multiple booby-traps. Hah. I love my kids!

(my camera's battery died right at the end - he was showing the prize is a gold brick)


Jennifer Beckstead said...

I showed John the video's. He thought their creations were awesome!

Kelly said...

Fantastic. I love your positive reinforcement of Brennan's future dad skills. Good job, mama!

Laura said...

Double ditto