Thursday, March 3, 2016

Blue and Gold

I swear, this was not born of laziness or procrastination.

We had our Cub Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet a couple weeks ago. It was Asher's first time to participate as a scout. The boys are supposed to decorate cakes for this. Brennan and Asher immediately decided to co-create a "Brothers" cake, which would involve pictures or a picture of them. Ultimately we opted for brownies instead of regular cake, and this is what they wanted: A picture of them in their scout uniforms, and the word "Brothers". Personally, I was extremely glad I only had to make one treat, AND we skipped the frosting all together. And among the 2 dozen cakes there, we were the only people to leave with an empty dish. It pays to break out of the cake-box (lol). I think people liked having something just a little different to choose.

Love these brothers!

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Kelly said...

Oh my gosh! I love it! They did such a wonderful job!