Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Post Catch-Up

Brennan and his legos

Awww, the poor little guy tuckered out mid-Lego-play.  With a lamp shining into his face and everything.

the three

A month ago we had an awesome Carnival Ward Party.  This was the one picture I took, and because of sun reflection I couldn’t even see how it turned out at the time.  But later another Mom in the ward got a couple more pictures of Hollyn.  Don’t you like this one below?

Hollyn First words out of Hollyn’s mouth in the mornings: “I wanna go to Sawyer’s house, Mom.”  The feeling must be mutual because Sawyer tries to take “walks” over to here frequently as well.DSCN0506DSCN0508DSCN0509IMG_20140605_115433446_HDR

We’re all allergy sufferers over here, but not usually until we’re a little older.  In fact my pediatrician told me that they don’t typically consider kids younger than 5 having hayfever.  Hollyn is in a minority I guess because her eyes have been suffering SO bad for the last few weeks.


The day she slept in until 11am

IMG_20140601_185759501_HDRWhere/how Hollyn spends her nap times.  Usually the curtain is closed and she plays behind it.  whenever any of us go outside she calls “hi” and waves.


Yard Sale over Memorial Weekend.  The day when all the neighborhood kids sell each other their junk and they all come home with as many toys as we got rid of and having spent all their allowance.


She’s moved on from cocoa powder and now gets into my makeup.  Lipstick art, anyone?


Paging Dr. McConnell…


Music Performance Season.  Hopefully in an upcoming post I’ll get up some video of the concerts.


Posing for Mom while she plays with camera settings. (After MONTHS of foggy pictures from Hollyn fingering my camera’s lens, I finally gave it the best cleaning I could last night.  Hopefully future pictures will be better.)

DSCN0396DSCN0408DSCN0416DSCN0417DSCN0430DSCN0433DSCN0438DSCN0440DSCN0441DSCN0442DSCN0449DSCN0450IMG_20140519_175306044IMG_20140519_175350475IMG_20140516_105942196DSCN0358DSCN0360DSCN0365DSCN0367DSCN0381Asher holds his snake

Same night as Brennan, he ALSO fell asleep with a toy in his hand.  Clearly they had WAY too much fun at that ward carnival.


This girl.  She LOVES wearing this hat, always and everywhere.  And she loves her umbrella as well.


There’s about a trillion shots like this on my phone from that night.


So grown up!


Front row, 4th on the left.  His first school concert. Smile

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Kelly said...

So many cute photos! Poor Hollyn and her FACE. She looks like you'e been beating her up. And I can't believe how long her hair has gotten. She's looking older. So sad! I loved her little blonde halo. ;-)

Such cute kids. I can't even comment on all the pictures. It would take forever.

love you!