Saturday, March 22, 2014

First Haircut

Gave Kieran a haircut yesterday.  He's had a couple of snips in the past already, but yesterday turned into, like, an actual haircut.  That's how long his hair was!  The bangs were dangerously close to being in his eyes, but what really bothered me was the hair hanging over his ears.  I spent months now trying to wait it out for a long-hair style to emerge.  But I just felt it wasn't tapping into his cuteness potential enough.

So I hacked it off above the ears.  But you know how that tends to go with a moving baby.  One side was ok, but other was a spock-looking straight line. Ugh.  So I tried to fix that.  It may have helped a little, but the more I looked at him the more I worried that it was a little too mullet-y for comfort.  So I trimmed almost all the hair in the back as well.  His bangs were still long, but today I trimmed just a teeny, tiny bit off of them too.  Hopefully it works.

Man, babies are the hardest to give haircuts to!  Except for Brennan at any age ;-)

Some before shots from last month.  Gosh, look at those bangs!

Aaaaaaaand, "after" shots you'll just have to wait for.  Because I'm too lazy at the moment to get the camera and spend half an hour uploading from card to computer and from computer to blog.  Sufficeth to say, my baby's all growed up! WAAAHAAAA

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Kelly said...

look how big he is getting! he"s adorable.