Monday, March 31, 2014

February and March 2014

DSCN0181Blueberry Goatee


Kieran can stand at furniture, and has even started cruising it.  Isn’t he the best?


After a week or so of gorgeous weather we had a lovely morning on a walk and play time at the park.


I know what you’re thinking.  “What happened to these boys’ legs?”  Yes.  We chopped them off for the picture.  But seriously, isn’t it weird that the dip in the terrain is totally invisible?


Kieran’s first time on the swings.  He was SO excited, as you can tell.  Hahaha.  He was actually totally indifferent.



A total Hollyn face.



Post haircut, before the bangs trim.


This note below was given to me one day a long time ago from Brennan.  Every time Brian an I come across it we laugh out loud.  What a thing to write to your Mother!


Hollyn in her natural state…


And by that I mean, she’s almost always either naked, wet, or both.  She undresses completely several times a day.  To go potty, or she spills some water on her shirt when drinking… it’s always something, and it always involves having to take everything off.  That’s assuming she ever got redressed to begin with.  She’s just always naked.  And until I put some child locks on the bathroom door recently, she was starting to repeatedly start a bath for herself each day.  Any time the house was quiet for more than a couple minutes, I knew.  I’d go to the bathroom and try the door.  Yes.  She’d have locked it.  So I’d pop the lock and go in to find her happily splashing around in the bath.  Like 6 times a day. Oh yeah, and she likes to try to escape outside at every opportunity.  You might imagine I’ve had to pull a naked girl back into the house a few times, and it’s a little embarrassing.  This girl!


This is from the day I went to investigate the suspicious silence right before I intended to squeeze in a shower before a mid day band concert.  I had to put the shower on hold while I gave it to this little turkey, covered in my just.bought bulk cocoa powder.


The carpet and walls had a nice trail going all the way from the kitchen to the upstairs bathroom after I sent her there to wait while I tried to clean up before Kieran got into it…IMG_20140224_113619760

I wasn’t fast enough.  Of course.  The vacuum’s filters clogged immediately.  Naturally.  Whilst I tried to rinse that out and figure out how to clean things up, Kieran as having the time of his life crawling around in it.


The next day Hollyn spilled a full cup of milk on the living room floor.  Later, she made this mess while trying to poor some soy milk into her cup.  I should have left the cocoa and enjoyed some chocolate milk.


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Kelly said...

There was a lot to enjoy here. Love Hollyn's dress. Love "doom". Better beware.
Love the cute photos of your fam.