Friday, November 9, 2012

What a week!

Man do I hope this week and all it's surprises is finally over!

Staring Halloween Wednesday, everything seemed to go wrong.  I had a health crisis that day.  It was horrible.  Started the night before which left me awake all night.  Brian took a personal day (what a great boss he has!) to take me to the Dr.'s, then watched the kids all day while I rested, barfed, and tried to recuperate.  I'm so thankful for Brian!

The following 2 days we had different housing inspections.  Blah.  You can imagine how much housecleaning I was able to get done.  And this was after a month of morning-sickness - meaning very little had been done in the way of, well, anything, for weeks.  So our house was a disaster.  Yay.  How great of me to be on my deathbed during the day I was supposed to be cleaning.

Still, we survived, and following the Friday inspection I headed out to Portland for Time Out for Women.  SOOOO fun.  I was hesitant to go, but darn-it, I really wanted to!  I slept on a rollaway in the hotel which was a mistake.  Not really noteworthy, but just one more annoyance in the week.

I got home, picked up the kids from the Stake Center and Mom's house since Brian had been doing Stake Conference stuff ALL Saturday, and got home to learn that Brennan had thrown up the night before.  Brian had done some cleaning, but I still had to finish up and remake the bed, while feeling very nauseous myself.

Sunday was busy, as I had a job at Stake Conference myself, plus Brian had his.  Otherwise a fine day though.  The calm before the storm.

The next several days nothing worked to keep me from feeling horrible and throwing up everything.  I even have expensive prescription anti-nausea medication, and it didn't help at all.  Hollyn threw up too on Tuesday night, so I'm thinking I probably had a stomach bug on top of morning sickness.  Fun stuff.  But it gets better.

Wednesday night I hurried home after a late appointment wanting to make something for dinner other than cereal.  (Yes, the poor kids have been basically living on cereal lately.)  I prepared some muffins first.  But apparently there was a mess in the oven, and apparently messes like that can catch on fire.  So that was fun.  I had trouble getting the fire extinguisher to work, as the fire raged on.  Finally got it taken care of though.  We couldn't do a lot of clean-up until the oven cooled down, so the kids had cereal for dinner afterall.  Lol.

Later that evening, Hollyn was messy and we were out of diapers, so Brian ran to the store.  He was sick with a head-cold, but ended up with the better end of the deal, because right after he left Hollyn threw up all. over. the. floor.  It was awful, especially since I was already nauseas myself, and the fumes from the fire experience weren't helping.  Neither did the vomit smell added to it. 

I tried to clean up that mess, but she threw up again.  I rushed her into the bath, asked Brennan to get out of bed to watch her (he was still awake and happy to do something besides lay in bed), cleaned up the vomit, and finally got the muffins to the neighbor's house to cook.  So that was a fun night.

We hoped the worse was over, but the next morning, yesterday, Brian had truck-problems on his way to work, which meant the truck in the shop, repair bills, and rides at inconvenient times.

But, today seemed to be fine.  I think the storm has passed.  We survived 4 different illnesses coinciding, a fire, an unhappy election result, car repairs, and a very messy house.  Please tell me this week is over!

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Kelly said...

Oh, my poor little sister! I wish I could come cook you dinner and clean your house and watch your kids for you. That is far too much excitement for anyone to have to deal with. I'm with you - I hope things are calmer now.

I LOVE the pictures of Hollyn playing with her daddy. How utterly adorable is that. Too cute.