Friday, June 8, 2012

Some of My Day Yesterday

 Asher "graduated" from preschool yesterday, although he has another year until kindergarten. (And another 3 days of make-up preschool ;-)  This kid is such a nut.  As you can see in the video below, he started off the occasion yelling at another kid about where he sat down. 

The medals are from Olympics which they did the previous 2 weeks.  I can't remember which events he medaled in... Hollyn was with me.  I'm lucky I got any pictures or anything.

 Later in the day, it was time for the final swimming lesson of this level.  Brennan was not feeling well.  In fact, he'd had a fever of 102 the night before, but decided he felt well enough to go to school yesterday so he would be allowed to go to swimming too.  Later, last night, he got a fever again, up to 104. :-(  But he's back to his old self today.

He looks like he's waving, but actually he was just splashing.  The picture below is more representative of his poor, sick, mood.

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