Saturday, June 23, 2012

2 Months Later...

...I'm ready to post some pictures and video of Hollyn's First Birthday!

Hollyn turned 1 in April, but it was a super busy time with family visiting, Brennan's birthday in the same week, and Easter just before that.  To top it all off she and the rest of us all took turns being sick for several weeks.  Consequently, I threw away the birthday cake I'd almost finished decorating because it ended up sitting on the counter too long. :-(  Without the actual birthday approaching I wasn't feeling particularly motivated to make another cake on any given day so it kept getting put off.
But then a couple weeks ago I made a cake for Devon's babyshower and Brian was in L♥VE with it!  But he only got some scraps and the boys got none at all, so I made another one.  Then I figured I might as well dub it Hollyn's birthday cake (even though it wasn't the cute rubber duckie themed cake I'd planned on) and voila!  Hollyn finally got to celebrate her first birthday with cake at almost 14 months old. :-)

These pictures are from her actual birthday.  Wow, what a difference 2 months makes.  Although her hair was curly back in April, some days it laid pretty flat - and her birthday was one of those days.  But 2 months later the curls have settled into some regularity and added some umph.


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