Monday, April 9, 2012

It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times...

We had a very nice Easter yesterday... overall.  For the first time ever we prepared and ate our dinner just us Stevensons, which was kind of fun to create the whole meal ourselves. (read = myself)  The Corvallisians did all get together for FHE and dessert, which was also super.  That was the good.

My kids have not been having the best of times, though. You know that age when your baby has learned to walk and chooses to do it as their primary mode of transportation... but they're not terribly good at it yet?... and they end up with all sorts of battle wounds?  Yeah, that's Hollyn.  A couple nights ago she lost her balance and landed her cheek bone on the corner of a dresser drawer.  The following morning she bumped or fell again and connected the first bruise to a new black eye.  Later that day Asher fell off a chair outside (fort-building) and got a nice large bruised goose-egg on his head.  The following morning (yesterday) Hollyn threw up and later as we arrived at church Brian noticed her eye-lids were swollen.  She was taken home and given antihistamine, but not before getting a nice puffy face, ears, and neck.  (I don't know for sure what caused the allergic reaction, but she was given her first ever egg (small piece of hard-boiled) in the a.m.)  And to top off the day, Asher got an allergic reaction at my sister's house during FHE which got pretty bad.  As I went to get him more benedryl this morning, he agreed, "yeah, because my face isn't all the way back down yet."

So, we got through the weekend a little worse for the wear.  C'est La Vie, oui?  At least no one died. :-)

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