Friday, April 6, 2012

April Off to a Busy Start

You will probably find this a little long - it's basically just showing Hollyn walking, babbling/squawking, and getting into things.  I love this girl!  At 11-1/2 months now she has developed quite a character.  She HATES diaper and clothes changes.  In one clip you see her with the sleeves only of her pjs on.  That's because I was breaking up the torture into separate sessions for both of our sakes.  Hollyn does love being part of the action however.  She thoroughly enjoys her brothers or others playing and acting silly with her.  She loves chewing on remote controls and has a particular favorite which she carries around at any opportunity.

********* I wrote the above earlier in the week ************
So, yeah, we're doing pretty good.  In Brennan's class at school the students have the opportunity to be "guest readers" after practicing and reading for the teacher. Brennan was SUPER excited about that and practiced his chosen book Venus over and over the first night, then took the book to school the next day.  Later that day I got an email from his teacher telling me was an "EXCELLENT" guest reader and how sweet it was with him sitting in the teacher's chair with everyone's eyes on him.  I like when he gets really excited about things.  Similarly, he (and Asher) have just started taking swimming lessons.  They're in the same level one class with a bunch of 3-year-olds.  I found out that I can have Brennan tested out and into level 2 if he can show confidence putting his face in the water.  Anyway, even though the class isn't everything he hoped it would be (full of songs and such) he has been so attentive during the classes!  I've pretty much never seen him paying attention in a class/lesson type setting, but if he's interested enough he can do it!  Speaking of which, Brennan has been being seen by a pediatric therapy professional and is being treated for Sensory Defensiveness.  It's super interesting.  The treatment involves brushing his skin with a special "surgical" brush, followed by joint compression.  I'm hoping to eventually scan the article I was given and post it on the other blog, but in the meantime, I just found this website, and it includes some interesting articles.  I know some of my sisters, (ex: Kelly :-) enjoy reading this kind of stuff just out of curiosity and for the enjoyment and learning and thinking.
Is It SPD or ADHD?
Sensory Defensiveness

I was doing a little shopping today and realized everything I purchased was for either a birthday or holiday.  I have 2 of the former and 1 of the latter within 11 days of each other this month.  Sheesh.  That's about as bad as December which includes my birthday, anniversary, Christmas, and then New Years within 26 days.  I spent the rest of my day looking up birthday cake ideas, healthy treats for class ideas, and now on to figuring out an Easter meal.

And lastly, Hollyn loves my tablet, so I found a game for her the other day.

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Kelly said...

Fascinating. You know me too well. Of course I had to check out your links.

I think parents are the best diagnosers. Like, you are best at reading the symptoms and knowing whether that fits or doesn't fit your child's tendencies. that how you feel? It sounds like you agree with what's going on and finding the sensory treatment interesting.
Keep us updated!

As to the birthday/holiday thing...I'm with you there. Brynne had her birthday, now 12 days later we are doing Logan's and Easter (on the same day this year). Combined with Conference and Brynne's state tourney for Odyssey - it feels like WAY too much stuff packed into less than two weeks!