Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jealous, Ladies?

Basically everyone that I associate with who is married has a husband who is super amazing awesome. But, how many of them have done this?...

I'm a relatively frequent hairstyle changer, but I don't usually get Brian involved. Last Friday though I let HIM pick out the dye. He picked out a color he has mentioned in the past that I should try - a very dark brown. Like, a veeeeery dark brown. I dyed it that night and was torn all the next day. Although Brian loved it, to me it was basically raven black. I knew it would lighten over the next week or so, but I was still uncomfortable. The following day I was supposed to speak a bit in front of the Relief Society and I really didn't want to stand before them looking like a "goth". So, despite really liking it, Brian voluntarily went to the store at like 9pm Saturday night and picked out a highlighter kit. Then he spent several hours pulling my hair through a hundred little holes in the cap and doing the highlighting process. We finished around 2am. Yes ladies, my husband did my hair, and it was his idea, and he loved it. :-) (But shhh, don't tell his buddies)

Also, I love, love, love the finished product. My favorite color so far, ever! (And please forgive my unphotogenicness. It can't be helped. Also, the really dark color is more prominent in person. The camera seems to just pick up the highlights.)

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Ryan & Janna said...

It is super cute Hez. I think the last time I changed my hair color was with you, like 9 years ago. Boy that makes me feel lame.