Monday, October 24, 2011

6 Months

Last Wednesday our Little Hollyn turned 6 months, which means she's now on the downhill slope to 1. Ahhhh! I know it's very cliche to ask "where did the time go?" But seriously! It does NOT feel like half a year. She's been waaaaay too easy for us. I've been waiting for all that hard baby stuff to help drag time down a little. Doesn't look like it's gonna happen.

Hollyn is not anywhere close to sitting as far as I can tell. Not interested. If we try to make her, she straightens her body into a standing position. She LOVES the doorway bouncer though. I think she'd like the walker but it's buried so far into the outside closet it's unlikely to make an appearance before she outgrows it. Most of her awake time is spent wandering around on the floor. Hollyn now makes her way to every spot of ground that has an object, which will inevitably end up in her mouth. Yesterday we had some friends over immediately after Stake Conference and I hadn't finished the cleaning and tidying I'd intended to do. I walked inside and set Hollyn on the floor and got cookin' (literally and figuratively) and my friends could not believe that she was actually content that way. "She doesn't cry if you leave the room!" As far as I can recall, none of them did that, (excepting Brennan's stint at age 4 after getting "lost" from our campsite.) No, Hollyn is quite happy to crawl around chewing on dropped school papers investigating cluttered corners.

Reading the funnies

She's finally getting used to baby food. She used to fuss about it, but now she tolerates the experience.

Yep, we've still got the perfect baby. Oh, gotta go rescue a remote before it's slobbered to death!

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Ryan & Janna said...

I'm really hoping my little lady is as sweet as yours. I think I could handle that.