Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life is going pretty good.  We bought Brennan new bikes (yes, plural) from Craigslist.  They are motorcycle-style and very cool.  I'm undecided whether to sell one of them (perhaps put the $ towards a bike for me?) or keep the 2nd one for friends to ride or at Moms house for visiting cousins.  Brennan's old bike is now passed to Asher who was thrilled until he realized how hard it was to pedal.  He'll get the hang of it pretty quick though.  It kind of blows my mind that my 3 year old is riding a size 16in bike though!

Brennan is enjoying school.  He seems to be doing fine being there full day, and I am still LOVING it myself. :)  He started homework this week so it's been actually fun to help him with that.  I wasn't looking particularly forward to that aspect (and I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon enough), but it ended up making me feel more like a "real" Mom.  I've joined the "homework helping club" and it feels pretty good.  Currently I think the plan is to have his homework time start at 4:30 - a little more than an hour after getting home, so he has time for snack and playing first, - and coinciding with when I'm making dinner (or hope to be now) so I'm available to help and it won't interfere with the crazy busy bed time stuff.

Last week Shannon was watching the kids and not 15 minutes after arriving Asher had a horrible allergic reaction.  His face swelled really bad and didn't go back to normal for about 24 hours.  I was suspicious that he should react so strongly to their dog since he doesn't usually react very much, if at all.  I realized that we had had clam chowder for dinner just before he went to Shannon's house.  He saw the allergist today and though we have to wait a month from the reaction to do a reliable skin test, the Dr. agreed that is was suspicious that Asher would react that way in a familiar environment.  We'll have to see.  It would be sad if he became allergic to shellfish, but it also wouldn't surprise me.  I've always thought it strange that he wasn't, actually.
Captain Swollen Face
Hollyn is precrawling.  I know, yikes, right?  Not every day, but several times now she's gotten herself onto her knees and rocked.  The first time she even kept diving forward onto her chest.  It was just after her 5-month birthday.  CRAZY!  I ordered a new baby gate for our stairs because clearly we're going to need one for a longer span than with either boy.  Hollyn can also hold her own bottle now, which is awesome!  Don't you love as they learn to do things for themselves?  Her sleeping is still going well.  She has 3 naps a day, and then sleeps for about 12-14 hours a night with only one wake-up in there.  Very doable.  Brian and I are still so totally smitten with this girl - we just want to eat her up!

"I can hold my own bottle now!"

Happy Baby



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Ryan & Janna said...

Your baby is getting big fast, where did the time go!