Saturday, September 17, 2011

5 Months

Yikes it's going fast!  Brian and I are still deeply smitten with sweet little Hollyn.  We just want to eat her right up.  It's hard to imagine that we could ever be happier then we are right now.  She brings us so much joy!

Hollyn's still shy of 13lbs and hanging around the 11th %ile for weight.  She still seems to be getting bigger to me though.  Filling out very nicely.  Hollyn is our little rolley-polley.  Just recently she's gotten more adept at the tummy-to-back technique so I've caught her rolling along the floor like a log going downhill.  She will also change directions or roll onto her side and twist her body to get a look at things behind her.  It's very cute, although diaper changes can be tricky since she prefers to go onto her tummy at any available opportunity.

Hollyn loves being tickled and will laugh heartily when played with.  I've also noticed her taking delight and even laughing at peek-a-boo.  Brennan is my hero because he often and voluntarily plays with his little sister.  Asher will pay her some attention, but Brennan enjoys talking to her in his best baby voice and will distract her if I'm too otherwise occupied to do it myself.

Hollyn is (of course) still sleeping pretty good these days.  She's not on a clock schedule at all, but I can count on her to be ready to nap after an hour or so awake.  I can't count on her to stick to "nap times" because it all depends on what time she wakes up, which is anywhere from 7:30 to 9:30 or 10am. (The later times are a result of waking up earlier, like 6:30am, and going right back down.)  Actually, today she woke up at 7:30, and I put her back down just to see, and she must have gone right back to sleep because I didn't hear a peep out of her until after 11.

4 months old!


Kelly said...

She's such a cute little girl. I think you should keep her. If you ever change your mind...let me know.

Ryan & Janna said...

She is so cute. Way jealous that she is such a great sleeper, hopefully mine will follow in her footsteps. I love that she rolls like that, Andrew was the same way, he could roll anywhere in the house. It was always funny to watch him make a plan and maneuver his way around.