Monday, August 8, 2011

Alsea Falls

Hollyn is about 3.5 months old now. I never seem to get around to updates on the month birthdays Smile. She started sleeping really well over the last couple weeks, consistently sleeping from about 8:30pm-6:30am, then right back down after eating for another couple hours. Last week she slept a full 12 hours straight! Then starting the day after that one, she back-tracked. Well, according to my definition at least. She’s been going to bed earlier, but waking up an additional time around 3am. Ugh. I preferred the old routine. Another new aspect… about a week ago I started finding Hollyn on her tummy some of the times I went to get her up from sleeping. I was not excited expecting a hard phase ahead as she would have trouble going to, or back to sleep if she continued to roll over. However, she’s apparently learned to just sleep on her tummy. Since last Friday she now rolls over immediately upon being placed in bed and sleeps as usual. The only difference is now she wakes up and cries immediately instead of spending some time cooing to herself as she had been doing. Could be worse though. As long as she seems to be able to sleep that way, I can’t complain. Plus, I think it will only be a benefit to her progression.

Hollyn has gotten very spitty. She likes to blow razberries as she makes her sounds. We just love her “talking.” My favorite thing is when she starts doing it while I’m singing to and rocking her. I think she’s trying to sing along. If I can ever get a video of it, it would be awesome. It is just so stinkin’ cute!



Yesterday we attempted to drive up to Mary’s Peak for a Sunday afternoon activity (Those boys do NOT do the “restful Sabbath” thing very well. They just drive me and Brian nuts instead.) Upon arrival we found the road closed for construction so we drove on to Alsea Falls instead. It is such a gorgeous place. I can’t believe I live so close to so many beautiful creations of God. Anyway, we had a good time. No one fell down the Falls, although Asher slipped and muddied his bum and back. Winking smile121125127130134139151153154156168

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Kelly said...

Adorable! Kisses to Hollyn.
Looks like a fun day.