Tuesday, December 15, 2009

God Bless Us, Everyone

Our Ward party was Friday evening. the theme was “A Dickens Christmas Carol” and went smoothly enough I guess. It seemed to fall significantly short of the vision for those of us on the committee who knew it, but I suppose that happens when the leader (whose vision it was to begin with) was gone the night of and the weeks previous to the event. There were aspects that we all assumed were being taken care of by someone else, but never officially assigned I guess. Anyway, the food was good, the company was enjoyable, and the program… well, happened.

IMG_2202 Like the previous two years, which were VERY awesome (the program leaving people in tears, 8 ft tall themed back-drops, etc) the members were encouraged to attend in costume. The last years were a Bethlehem theme and about 98% of those in attendance decked themselves out in bathrobes, and such. This year however, only about 5% of us gave that a go. I think that had to do with the availability of options. Brian thinks the Dickens costumes would have been easier for people, but that they were just lazier this year. I don’t know. Anyway, we all dressed up.


IMG_2207 I got some pictures of my boys in their attire. In my case, I had already changed out of my dress to skate on the street, but I had a costume dress that worked well.


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Devon said...

I love the poses Brennan is doing. What a natural!