Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve Fun

I LOVE spending Christmas with Family. Yes, that includes my inlaws. Brian and I have always switched off on whose family we spend Christmas with. This year was a Templeman year for us, AND among the Templeman side it was a Corvallis year (as opposed to a Grants Pass, Oregon year). What this meant is that it was our first Christmas sleeping in our own house since Brennan was 8 months old!

Since we were in our own home, we had our own Stevenson family Christmas eve. Brennan and I made cookies, which we left for Santa of course. After dinner, we did the Nativity story as a puppet show. The video above is a condensed version. I loved doing it that way. As much as Brennan would have enjoyed dressing up, I think puppets simplified everything-he could easily cover all the characters without time-taking costume changes. I loved watching the production!

After the show the boys got to open their pj gifts. Finally, Brian read "The Night Before Christmas" to them, a tradition from Brian's house. It took the boys hours to fall asleep that night, but we enjoyed our Christmas Eve.

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Kelly said...

How fun! This is why I love spending Christmas at home now. You can do what you want and make it your own special evening. We had a great Christmas Eve, also!