Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tour of Corvallis Historic Homes

The Willamette Valley Mommies group had an event last Saturday. It was to ride the free trolley on the tour of historic homes in Corvallis. I kind of thought there would be more kids, but actually about 90% of the riders were over the age of, like, 80. The Van Tress's had their two kids, and Brennan made 3. 3 kids. It was definitely geared towards an older audience, so I'm glad I ended up leaving Asher home. He would have been a beast once he'd reached his "this is old news" sentiment a few minutes into it.

Anyway, Brennan enjoyed it, and only showed boredom for the last few minutes. He enjoyed looking at the houses and the people outside, but mostly, he enjoyed playing photographer. He took shots of anything and everything. I gotta admit, his shots are at least as good as mine. (I don't know if it's just my monitor, or if there's something wrong with the camera, but all our pictures these last several posts look REALLY grainy. Take my word for it though, the pictures are rather nice in actuality.)

Brennan Photography

Brennan Photography

Waving to the passer-bye's

We had a great time!

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