Monday, July 16, 2007

Last week to escape the heat one day we took a rather big family trip to the Oregon Coast Aquarium and the beach. Brian, Brennan and I went, as well as both my parents, (my dad coincidentally ended up with the afternoon off from work) and 3 of Brennan's cousins who are visiting G'ma & G'pa Templeman for a few weeks. We had a lot of fun. Brennan especially liked the seals and going through the fish & shark tunnels. Walking over the windows didn't make him as uncomfortable as it makes most adults. The beach was really fun too. Brian and my Dad flew their fancy kites, and even cousin Hannah took a turn and did a great job. Brennan got nice and messy as you'll see, but he had an absolute BLAST rolling around in the sand with Hannah and Brynne.

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Kristy said...

How fun to go to the coast! We'll be there ourselves in three weeks. Yahoo!!

Well, now we know that if Brennan wants to grow a goatee when he's older he'll look very handsome! ;)