Monday, July 16, 2007

For FHE recently we went on a walk to a nearby park. Brennan is a quick walker (actually, runner) so walks can be a good source of exercise in the end. Brennan's also good about holding hands.

Had to put in this one of Brennan w/ his aunt Devon. He loves helping people on the computer (which he's doing right now, pointing out Devon on the screen) and loves is aunt Devon!

Dada and Brennan. Aren't they cute?!?

It's been almost a year, but Brennan still loves to wear his halloween costume around.


Kristy said...

Who doesn't wish everyday could be Halloween? Candy, costumes ... what a blast!

What handsome boys you have, Hez! Is Devon engaged??

Hez said...

Engaged? Devon's in high school. Maybe you're thinking of Shannon (in between myself & Devon.) She's been married for a year now.