Saturday, June 10, 2017

Concerts and Birthdays

Brennan's final band concert of 6th grade. 

Finally, and I mean FINALLY, this kid is no longer 3. There's a light at the end of this tunnel! ;-)

Kieran, I love you, Buddy. You are clever and animated and passionate. You learn songs/music impressively quickly; you keep up with those big siblings of yours; you are an angel child for your teachers and leaders. We're all super thankful you're part of our family!

He chose this little lizard from the toy selection in Primary. And this is what he wanted on his cake. Perfect. I even suggested other themes like Batman and Superman, but he just wanted his lizard on it. Easy peasy.
In the car day of, Brennan asked Kieran, "So what kind of cake did you choose? Chocolate? Lemon?..." Kieran answered offendedly, "No! It's a Lizard cake!"

I couldn't find a bow.

Shaking those maracas to the birthday song in Primary

I was lucky to get a seat at all for Asher's concert (this happened at Brennan's Spring Band Concert too. It's kind of annoying to not have enough accommodations for the audience at these events). But being in the very back row in a dark auditorium does not make for stellar photos. They sounded great though!

This is kind of random, but I had to get this side-by-side. Hollyn is almost 6 months older than Sawyer, but look at that height difference! It's a combo of her being especially short and him especially tall. Hah!

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