Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Some July Pics

I often find him sleeping on the floor, even though he is alone in a room with TWO beds! This morning I had to smile though, with his thumb tucked into his shirt, his blankey wrapped around himself, and his flamingo leg, lol

Time for swimming lessons! I'm trying out an Underwater Audio product called Aquaguard which protects one's hair from the harmful pool chemicals. So far it's a hit!

"Take a picture of my tap shoes, Mom!" She is enjoying her ballet/tap class

Me 'n' my Beehives and MiaMaids heading off to camp. Look how clean we look!

One of our secret sister gifts: a homemade pinwheel (that sadly doesn't spin. :-( ,) a pack of gum and some bubbles. I created the little note which reads "I'm POPsitively Blown Away by your Awesomeness!" I kind of liked how it turned out.

Another secret sister gift: these super cute button bracelets. The note says "Brace Yourself for a great week at camp!"

Not gonna lie, these YW Camp Pillow Treats (which us leaders gave to our girls) kind of won  pillow treating. Our theme for camp was The Wizard of Oz, and these red slippers, filled with candy and attached with a feel-good quote turned out pretty good!

For some reason Kieran really likes this book about the boy coloring on the wall ;-)

Look who we found in the floral section of Safeway!

Hollyn likes to pretend to be asleep lately. In this one you can see the slight smile that she's holding back because she knows seconds before she had me good and fooled. Little turkey.
 Fourth of July playground fun

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